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  1. Favorite Town Hall
    Notice of Change in Election Date

    Over the next week, registered voters of the Town of Corte Madera will receive a postcard in the mail giving notice of the approved change in election date for municipal elections.  Beginning in 2022, municipal elections will take place in June of even years.  To achieve this change, voters will elect Councilmembers to 4 1/2 year terms in November 2017 and 2019. Beginning in June, 2022, the terms of Councilmembers will return to 4 years.   A PDF of the public notice can be found here.

  1. Alto Tunnel Study
    Project Update and Notice of Chapman Drive Closure and Detour

    The Alto Tunnel Geotechnical and Structural Investigation seeks further technical details about the tunnel to inform a refined cost estimate for potential reconstruction of the tunnel if it were to be used as a bicycle and pedestrian pathway. The drilling phase is currently being completed on the Mill Valley side, and is scheduled to begin in Corte Madera on March 1st. This work will require a temporary closure of Chapman Drive at Corte Madera Avenue. To read the project update and notice of road closure and detours, click here