Council Appointments & Committees

  • ABAG Oversight Committee
    Andrews (Condon - Alternate)
  • Accessibility Advisory Commission
    Lappert (Bailey - Alternate)
  • Bicycle Pedestrian Advisory Committee
    Bob Ravasio (Furst- Alternate)
  • Centennial Steering Committee
    Condon & Furst
  • Central Marin Police Authority
    Condon & Furst (Andrews - Alternate)
  • Central Marin Sanitation Agency
    Furst (Lappert - Alternate)
  • C.M. Chamber of Commerce Ex-Officio Director
    Condon (Furst - Alternate)
  • Disaster Council
    Lappert (Furst - Alternate)
  • Fire Shared Services (Ad Hoc)
    Bailey and Lappert
  • Flood Control Board
    Bailey (Furst - Alternate)
  • Housing and Community Development Act (CDBG) Priority Setting Committee
  • Joint Powers Authority Oversight Committee
    Condon (Lappert - Alternate)
  • Land Use Committee
    Condon (Andrews- Alternate)
  • Larkspur-Corte Madera School District Liaison
    Furst and Bailey
  • League of California Cities - North Bay Division
  • Marin Clean Energy
    Bailey (Furst - Alternate)
  • Marin County Commission on Aging
    Carol Zeller
  • Marin County Council of Mayors and Council Members (MCCMC) - Legislative Committee
    Andrews (Bailey- Alternate)
  • Marin County Solid Waste Management
    David Bracken
  • Marin Emergency Radio Authority
    David Bracken (Kenny Prete - Alternate)
  • Marin / Sonoma Mosquito Abatement Committee
    Nancy Barnard
  • Marin Telecommunications Agency
    Lappert (Condon - Alternate)
  • Parks and Recreation Commission Liaison
    Lappert (Furst - Alternate)
  • Refuse and Recycling Committee
    Andrews (Lappert - Alternate)
  • Ross Valley Paramedic Authority
    Lappert (Furst - Alternate)
  • Safe Routes to School
  • Sign Committee
  • Traffic Committee (Ad Hoc)
    Furst & Lappert
  • Transportation Authority of Marin
    Furst (Condon - Alternate)
  • Twin Cities Coalition for Healthy Youth
    Bob Ravasio