Maintaining Your Town

The Public Works Department is responsible for maintaining and improving all public assets of the Town.  We manage our maintenance tasks on a regular schedule, and strive to respond quickly to any maintenance issues or emergencies.  We also plan and implement capital improvement projects that better our streets, parks, and flood control system.  The links below will provide up to date information on our current maintenance and improvement activities:
  1. Street Work Maintenance and Improvements

    Learn about upcoming maintenance and improvements within public streets.

  2. Street Sweeping Schedule

    Look through the street sweeping schedule of Corte Madera.

  3. Lagoon & Waterway Maintenance

    Information about maintenance of lagoons and waterways in Town.

  4. Public Parks Maintenance and Improvements

    Maintenance and improvements within the public parks.

  5. Landscape Maintenance and Improvements

    Landscape maintenance and improvements within Corte Madera.

  6. Sanitary Sewer Maintenance and Improvements

    Upcoming work scheduled on the Sanitary District No. 2 sewer system

  7. Utility Work Around Town

    Public utility maintenance and improvement activities within the Town

  8. Sand Bags

    Sand bag stockpiles available in the town.