Landscape Maintenance and Improvements

The Public Works Department maintains and improves the median strips and other landscape features located within Town property and right-of-way. The following is a list of upcoming landscape work.

  • The Town of Corte Madera will be performing maintenance pruning of a diseased oak tree on Willow Avenue at Tamalpais Drive near Town Hall. There will be no parking on Willow Avenue or Tamalpais Drive directly adjacent to the Town Hall driveway entrance. The work will occur November 21 through November 22, 7:30am-5pm.  Appropriate signage will be placed at the affected public parking spaces, and travel on the sidewalk may be re-routed during this time frame. Below is additional information from the Arborist report.
  • The large Red Oak (Quercus rubra) has die back in its crown leaving many limbs dead or dying, compromising its safety. The tree or more likely limbs of the tree target the building itself, the sidewalk, Tamalpais Dr and the entrance pathway to Town Hall. This is a high use area the and targets are many and often. Eight to ten years ago the tree exuded thick black bleeding around its lower trunk like Sudden Oak Death (Phytopthora ramorum). The diagnosis was the not as deadly variety Phytopthora cinnamoni. Bleeding can now be seen on the limbs where die back is present.  A crown reduction of the whole tree down to healthy wood (a third to half of the crown) and application of Agri Fos/Pentrabark to the lower trunk should slow the spread of the Phytopthora. This treatment is a high phosphorus fertilizer used by UC Berkeley in their quest to end Sudden Oak Death and is not harmful pesticide.