Health and Wellness


This class will improve your balance, stability, and coordination through proven methods from Qigong, Tai Chi, and Western Mind/Body science. Research shows that Tai Chi is an  excellent way for Seniors to develop balance and fluidity of movement; in this class you will be learning an easy, modified Tai Chi form. You will also practice brain-stimulating techniques from Western Science to assist coordination and cognition. In addition, the Qigong movements and mind activity bring inner balance, relaxation, improved immunity, and overall wellbeing. These combined approaches are carefully orchestrated to work on all aspects of balance simultaneously. The class is appropriate for anyone with reasonable mobility who is motivated to maintain a good balance of spirit, mind and body throughout their lives.
Instructor: Shirley Dockstader & Sandy Smith
Location: Main Hall


Shirley Dockstader is an accredited medical qigong teacher and has been teaching the ancient healing movement arts for over 30 years in Marin and San Francisco. She is the producer/writer of Strengthening Your Immune System with Mind & Movement.  Sandy Smith has participated in Shirley Dockstader’s Seniors in Balance Program for 7 years and has been teaching Tai Chi for 4 years. Sandy’s skills as a teacher and performer of traditional music and dance, lend a special insight into her teaching of balance and through Tai Chi.

Series 1 Bridge for the Beginner

This class is designed for the beginning student to learn and appreciate bridge. The class will move slowly so there will be time to learn the basic elements of bridge. Come and enjoy the fundamentals of bridge and bring a friend.
Location: Community Center Classroom. 

Series 2 Beginning Bridge

For those continuing from Series 1 Beginning Bridge or have had Beginning Bridge lessons in the past or played Bridge enough to know the basics of play. Your guide, Bonnie Nackley is an Experienced Bridge Teacher and Bridge Life Master. 

Beginning Jewelry Making

Learn how to remake your old jewelry into modern fashions. Instructor will teach about the history of jewelry making and how to recognize valuable items. Take home a necklace of your own making.
Instructor: Paula Ramsey
Location: Community Center Classroom

Beginning Spanish Class for Seniors

Description: Feel the joy of communicating in Spanish almost immediately! Whether you're an absolute beginner or someone who needs to brush up your skills, join us for this wonderful class! Valeria will teach you a fun and efficient way to learn Spanish - with minimum grammar and memorization. (+$8 materials fee)
Instructor: Valeria Furino, M.A.
Location: Community Center Classroom

Refresher Spanish Course for Seniors 

7 Fun and interesting conversational weeks to learn appropriate today's vocabulary and developing immediately an appreciation for Spanish-American life, language and traveling culture. This class is designed for the student who wants to advance their current Spanish skills. 
(+$8 materials fee)
Instructor: Valeria Furino, M.A.
 Location: Community Center Classroom