Art and Acting

paint brush

Art with Harry  Grades 1st - 5th

Students will explore fine art basics in several media, including watercolor, pencil, pen, markers, polymer clay (Sculpey), and Model Magic. We will learn to draw and paint landscapes, portraits, Manga comic art, cartoons, and to bring imagined subjects to life. All levels of skill and experience welcome. Instructor: Harry Simpson. 
Location: Neil Cummins

Kiki’s Clay class Winter Wonderland K- 5th grade

In KiKis COOL Winter clay class we will have a great time! Each week will feature a new project, such as a pocket bear, an animal money bank, a picture frame, a milk-carton dog house, a puppet, and more. After children have completed their assignment they have free  choice time with clay or drawing.  We will complete the clay process by bisquing, drying, or glazing and fi ring each piece in the onsite kiln. All work goes home the last day. We will have a small fi nger-food potluck celebration for the children. Please send a box or bag for children to take their artwork home in. Classes may be repeated as each session is different.  Materials fee: $30 to be paid to instructor at first class. Instructor: Kiki Rostad

Spring Forward with Clay

This ceramics class is for children of all ages. The assignments are environmentally based using  green Spring as the theme. We will cover all aspects of spring and nature. We will make a clay miniature birdhouse,  a bird and nest, a driftwood-clay garden art mobile, glaze a clay pot, and make a nature tile using materials found in the park & a wind sock. We will paint with glaze and complete the ceramic process by firing all pieces twice in the  on sight kiln. All projects go home the last day of class, which is a finger-food potluck celebration for the children, so bring in a small snack or juice drink to share. Please bring a friend and share in this delightful experience. Materials fee: $30 to be paid to instructor at first class.
Instructor: Kiki Rostad